Manual Testing important interview questions

Manual testing Interview Questions:

1.Difference between regression & system testing?
2. what is the test plan?
3. contents of the test plan and explain ?
4.Did you  ever prepare the test plan?If so create one ?
5. why did  you   looking for a change?
6.Difference  phases in STlC & explain in detail?
7.Create the testcases on the foolowing registration form which contains  fields like  name,address,pan no,company name?
8.what the  called monkey testing?
9.what is  the frame work & types of the frameworks?
10.what is  called hybrid frame work?
11.Difference between  keyword driven , data driven frameworks?
12.write the vb script code including  person name field that it should  not accept more than 50 charecters?

Some Other interview questions:

1. what is  the use of foreign key?
2. Difference between the function,procedure and sub-procedure?
3. write  test case for a room?
4. write a test case for  bank statement?
5. Explain your role in project?
6. Explain your project architecture?
7. what you will do if your developer rejects the build ?
8. How to  do retesting?
9. when you will do  regression testing?
10. why to do retesting ?
11. what you will  do if bug is not the reproduicible?
12. what you will  do if  getting the same bug again and again?
13. Say something  interesting about testing?
14. As a test engineer what you would like about testing?
15. what is the most critical bug you hav found in your  application?
16. what are the documents you get for writing  test cases?
17. why you  want to shift from your  present  job?
18. what are the goals of  a test engineer?
19. at which stage of SDLC does testing starts
20. what objective test engineer will have ?
21. how will you find bugs?
22. Eplain  about ur project frame in detail?
23. what skills does a tester need to have?
24. which part of  application u find more difficult while doing testing?
25. what u will do if athe bug reproduce again ?
26. which is the most challenging bug you have found till today?

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