Assured SEO training Hub started it’s operation in 2014 at Bangalore and started it’s second division of Operaitons in Hyderabad

Edge solutions is having tremendous experience in the industry, our tech team strived hard to do the research about “In and
outs of SEO”
and Digital Marketing

We have structured our trainnig modules to train the Novice with a practical exposure on SEO Projects. Our insitutional projects are categorized to make it easy for a student to learn the skills.

With a proven skillset, our learning curve employed many students into SEO jobs. Our own team is the best example for our training methodologies.


” Knowledge comes only if you share it. Experts are not born. Identity comes with their proven results. We have proven results to showcase in our projects. “


To deliver the IT Professionals from Studentship. We know no one is too old to learn and execute their skills. Our vision is to create awareness to the public with digital knowledge that should impact and save society from scammers


Principles and Visions are not unique to say but it keeps updating every time with the latest trends. The world keeps changing with the new implementation of technology. We should follow the news to keep ourselves updated to stay up-to-active with the latest trends.


Assured SEO Training

• Introduction to Websites
• Intro to Web2.0 & WordPress 
• Intro to CMS 
• Starting as a Google Webmaster 
• Search Console
• Sitemap 
• Page Experience 
• Navigation to SEO 
• SEO Security 
• Performance 
• Reporting Website 
• Keyword analysis and Planner 
• Content Writing 
• Introduction to Third party Tools 

Assured WordPress training

• Domain
• Hosting
• Nameservers
• Redirections
• Website Templates
• Themes in WordPress
• Sidebar
• Breadcrumbs
• Managing Menu-Top & Footer
• Plugins
• Implementing SEO
• Pages and Posts
• Media Management
• News and commenting