OUTLOOK  allows users to format  messages . while sending  messages, you can set  expiration date for it. When  expiration date  set for message,  message will be visible with a strikethrough. The strikethrough indicates that  message is outdated and can still be opened when selected. Expiration of the email can only be deleted manually .

HOW TO SET Expiration Date and Time for Outlook emails

Expiration means not valid  after sometime and no longer usable.

Outlook lets user to add an expiration date and time  to email you send / receive. after passing the expiration date email will be displayed in different formatting with a  strikethrough, and you can acess mails  Outlook’s built-in tools to manage expired email .

To add expiration date to  email which you are  sending, you need to open  Properties window for the email.

Login to outlook account  compose a message.

First click on the Options. Next, select the More Options Group click on the Message OptionsPropeties window will be displayed. Now, choose the Delivery Options Group, checkmark Expires after and set  Date and Time  when you wish for the email to get expired. Refer to below image:

outlook date and time

Outlook  formatting rules for expired emails. To set  click on   Conditional Formatting dialog. This  dialog box is displayed from  View tab, then select the option View Settings. Next, choose  Conditional Formatting option. Email that has expired has  grey font and text has a strikethrough. 

The formatting rule will also  be applied to  receiptents’s Outlook as well  other web apps, like the GMail.  click OK twice to close  dialog boxes.

We hope this post helps you to understand to set  expiration date and time for the messages in Outlook.

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