How to create a folder in google docs

First you need a google account to start creating a folder.If you don’t have a google account ,create on google account.

Google Docs folder is digital bin which  contains files you can create those files using the  WORD PROCESSOR. Users create this  folders in  Google Docs, but this folders recides in Google Drive, a cloud-based storage and synchronization service linked to the other brand services like Docs. You can also save  each folder with unique name and store multiple files in it.

After creating an account, Plaese login to the Account .

Unlike in file management application ,Google Docs doesn’t have any  traditional folder system. Instead, Google Docs uses  system of organizing documents with in  “Collections,” which are mosre similar to folders.

How you can create a Collection in Google Docs:

1. Open the  Google Docs: Go to  Google Docs website ( 

2. Go to “My Drive”: On left-hand side of  Google Docs interface,Click on MYDRIVE, and  open your Google Drive account.

3. Click on create  New Collection (Folder):
– Now Right-click on “My Drive”  then  click on the “+ New” button at the top left corner.
– From  dropdown, select the “Folder.”
– you cansee Dialog box popping -up, Here enter  name for your folder

4. Adding  Documents to  Collection:
– To add documents to new collection which you created , simply click and drag  document into the collection.

Please note that  “Collections” are specific to the Google Drive, and  can also be used to organize other types of the files, not just Google Docs documents.

You can access your collections by clicking on the “My Drive” in  left-hand menu and then selecting collection you want to view. 

We hope the above guide  helps you to create folders in the Google Docs and access them from the Google Docs.

If you have any doubts or looking for more information, please do comments below in  comments section.