What is HADOOP?

Hadoop is open-source frame work for  storage and distributed processing of large datasets ,clusters of commodity hardware. Developed by  Apache Software Foundation and was designed to handle jobs like holding vast amounts of data, including unstructured and structured data, across  distributed computing environment.

Hadoop is suited partially for big data tasks like processing and  analytics checking.

The key responsibilities of  HADOOP DEVELOPER  will be as follows:

  • 1.Determine and Design Big Data solutions based on  requirements aligning with overall guiding principles of the project ecosystem
  • 2.Develop solutions as a part of Scrum teams
  • 3.Building optimized data model, pipelines in the MPP environment
  • 4. Enhance and build data engineering assets using Hadoop


  • 1.Knowledge of designing  principles and fundamentals of architecture
  • 2.Understanding  performanceof  engineering
  • 3.Knowledge on quality processes and estimation techniques
  • 4.Basic understanding of the project domain
  • 5.Stepa to translate  nonfunctional and functional requirements of systems requirements
  • 6.How to perform  and design code complex programs
  • 7.How  to create test cases and scenarios based on given specifications
  • 8.Good understanding of the SDLC and agile methodologies
  • 9.Awareness on  latest technologies and trends
  • 10.projects to improve Logical thinking and problem solving skills along with ability to collaborate
  • 11.Basic Knowledge on the Hadoop Cluster architecture and  also how to monitor cluster.
  • 12.Is Hadoop good for Career?
     Hadoop is the best career option to choose


If you are a experienced job seeker  or fresher and  wondering which career is the best  option to choose to grow your career in databases, then Hadoop is the best option to choose.

Big Data provides various career paths like Data Analyst, Data Engineer,  Data Scientist, and Big Data Architect.

Choose  specialization  based on your career goals and Interest.

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