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Cloud computing  technology is one of the on demand  course which  allows users to access and use the computing resources and services over  internet, which is referred to “the cloud.” Instead of owning,investing and maintaining   infrastructure , physical servers .  An individuals or organizations can take for rent or subscribe to  cloud services from cloud service providers. Cloud computing provides  several key advantages



The Cloud resources can be scaled down or up according to the demand. This fesability allows any organisation or businesses to handle varying work loads without underutilizing or over-provisioning orresources.


cost efficency

Cloud computing will follows pay-as-you-go or you can go for subscription-based model, allowing it's users to pay only for the resources and services which they used. This can be reduce upfront capital expenditures .



Cloud services accessible at any time from anywhere with working internet connection, making it easier to users to do remote work and collaborate


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List of main types of cloud computing are:

private cloud

government cloud

public cloud

comunity cloud

About Cloud computing services in detail:

In public cloud Services are offered to multiple users over the internet. Resources are shared among the  users, providing cost advantages but potentially limited acess.

Hybrid cloud Combines  of both public and private cloud resources, allowing data and applications to move between . This offers more flexibility while maintaining control over more sensitive data.

Here Resources are dedicated to  single organization, providing  more  control and security. Private clouds can also be hosted on-premises or by third-party provider.

This type Involves in using services from multiple cloud providers. This can help avoid vendor to lock-in and provide redundancy.

cloud computing service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. All these providers offers wide number of services and solutions to meet diverse needs of Individuals and businesses .