Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

LIST OF  Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

1.LIST Common Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

Possibilities include  object detection,contract analysis and classification for  navigation and avoidance , image recognition, content- distribution, predictive maintenance, data processing, automation of manual tasks, and data driven reporting.

2. What are the Intelligent Agents, and How  They Used in AI?

Intelligent agents are the autonomous entities that uses sensor to know what is going on, and  use actuators to perform their tasks/ goals. They can be simple , complex and can be programmed to learn and accomplish their jobs better.

3. What is meant by Tensorflow, and What is Tensorflow  Used For?

Tensorflow is  open-source software library  was initially developed by  Google Brain Team to use in  neural networks research and machine learning . It is used for  the data-flow programming. TensorFlow makes  much easier to build the certain AI features into applications, including speech recognition and Natural language processing.

4. What is meant by  Machine Learning, and How can It Relate to AI?

Machine learning is  subset of AI. The idea is machines will “learn” and get better at  the tasks over  the time rather than having humans  having to input parameters. Machine learning is practical application of AI.

5. What are the Neural Networks, and How Does they Relate to AI?

Neural networks are the  class of machine learning algorithms. The neuron part of the neural is  computational component, and network part is how the neurons are being connected. Neural networks pass the data among themselves, gathering more and more meaning as the data moves in along. Because  networks are interconnected, more complex data can processed more efficiently.

6. What is Deep Learning, and How Does It Relate to AI?

Deep learning is subset of the machine learning. Refers to  using multi-layered neural networks to process the data in increasingly sophisticated ways, enabling  software to train itself to perform task like speech and image recognitions through the exposure to these vast amounts of data for continual improvement ability to recognize and process information. Layers of the neural networks stacked on the top of each for use in the  deep learning are called deep neural networks.

7. Why Image Recognition is a Key Function of AI?

Humans are visual, and AI  designed to emulate human brains. Teaching machines to recognize and categorize images is  crucial part of AI. Image recognition also helps the machines to learn  because the more images that are processed, are the better the software gets  recognizing and processing those images.

8. What is meant by Automatic Programming?

Automatic programming  describing what a program should do, and  having the AI system “write” the program.

9. What is a Bayesian Network, and How Does Bayesian  Relate to AI?

A Bayesian network is graphical model for the probabilistic relationships among a set of variables. It  alsomimics the human brain in processing variables.

10. What are the Constraint Satisfaction Problems?

Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) are the mathematical problems defined as  set of objects, the state  which must meet several constraints. CSPs are mostuseful for AI because the regularity of their formulation offers commonality for analyzing and solving the problems.


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